Here at Viewpoint Financial Network, we know that to "serve you on your time" it takes a lot of people working in harmony to achieve our mission. We want to shine a spotlight on the individuals that help us do just that and make Viewpoint Financial a great place. Today we want to introduce you to one of our newest financial advisors, Andrew Sides!

Andrew joined our team approximately 3 months ago and has a primary focus on assisting clients with investments and retirement planning. He always wants clients to walk away with a feeling of comfort in the strategies and investments that are planned. He will take the extra time to carefully explain and teach as he and his clients walk through the strategy together. Andrew also tries to downplay the misconception that financial planning has to be complicated. While "financial planning" is a very broad topic with lots of jargon involved, Andrew subscribes to the same belief we do at Viewpoint Financial that financial planning can be simple when we are efficient and use the tools at our disposal. Whether it's buying a new home, planning a wedding, paying for college, or retiring, Andrew is always working with clients to ensure their money is working with them and not against them.

A normal day at Viewpoint for Andrew always starts and ends with lots of coffee! In between, you'll find him in client meetings, on calls, and analyzing financial plans. 

When asked what makes Viewpoint Financial a special place, Andrew said,

"The Viewpoint team is like a family. Many people in the office have been working with Ben for over a decade! The culture here is very important - everyone is very supportive of each other and happy to be here. I love coming in to work every day!

Andrew and his wife live in Los Gatos, but he grew up in San Jose, where his parents still live. He has 3 sisters, one older and two younger. When Andrew isn't at the office, you'll find him spending time with his wife and family at the beach, having dinner together, or just taking a walk. Andrew enjoys reading jogging and playing the piano.

We hope you've enjoyed learning a little more about Andrew and his new role with us at Viewpoint. We are proud to have people like Andrew on our team and we think you’ll love working with him too! Give us a call or visit our offices to say hello to Andrew and the rest of the team and see how we can help bring an uncomplicated approach that serves on your time to your financial planning.

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