What does it mean to serve you on your time? We believe it means being there for you, with the information you need, whenever you need it. It also means providing you with flexible solutions for the different situations you may face. We accomplish this with two powerful software tools that are available to all of our clients, and we’d like to share a little insight on them with you.

All of your accounts….always up to date!

Investor 360 is the tool we use to keep you up to date and on-demand. This central financial hub allows you to see everything in one place. Whether it’s your company 401k, your bank accounts, or your investments; Investor 360 is your one-stop-shop for your current financial status. You’ll also find these other great features in Investor 360:

  • Encrypted data storage and messaging
  • Tax software integration
  • Real-time price quotes
  • Beneficiary verification

Dynamic financial planning for any situation

MoneyGuide Pro uses the up-to-date data from Investor 360 to calculate how various scenarios might impact your future financial position. This allows us to provide a more holistic review of our clients’ financial situation and quantify the progress toward their goals. With MoneyGuide Pro you can get answers to questions like:

  • Are my assets positioned properly?
  • What would inflation or a recession do to my position?
  • Which social security filing strategies would be best for me?
  • How should I plan for life insurance, disability, and long-term care?

While the personal touch of a financial advisor can never be replaced by software, we believe providing these tools allows our clients to stay up-to-date and plan for their future on their time. Check out our secure Client Portal to access Investor 360 and MoneyGuide Pro and see what they can do for you, or give us a call to see how Viewpoint Financial can serve you on your time!