As financial advisors we are always looking at ways to help our clients plan for what might be coming down the road. We love doing this and enjoy the challenge of helping each unique client find financial solutions that work for their unique situation. While we strive to always focus on our clients, from time to time it is important to work on the plans for ourselves as advisors and our firm. It not only helps everyone in our workplace, but also helps our clients in the end. 

One of the ways I like to step back and work on the plan for our firm is to attend events that stretch me and our plans for Viewpoint Financial Network. Each year this happens when I attend the American Funds Advisory Council meeting and this year was no different! The meeting I recently attended highlighted an important issue in our industry that will eventually have to be addressed by all firms. That issue is dealing with an increasing average age of financial advisors and what that means for our firms. The average financial advisor is 57 years old, which just happens to be my age. Our industry is not seeing the number of young people come into our field that is needed to fill the gap of those retiring. There is also a lack of desire by some firms to make the necessary investment in the next generation of advisors to train them to carry the torch. In an industry that specializes in helping people plan for the future, we aren’t looking in the mirror like we should.

At Viewpoint we started recognizing this issue a few years ago and started to plan. This led us to rebrand our network and start pursuing a continual search for young talented people to join our team. We believe having a continuity plan for our process and culture is integral to our business and our clients. This is why you’ll notice a good number of people on our team that are under the age of 45. We believe ensuring that who Viewpoint is at its core must continue for the next generation not only so our clients can experience the continuity they need in their later years, but also so the great community we’ve built at Viewpoint lives on! We are proud of the culture we’ve built at Viewpoint. One that not only serves on your time, but also one that is inclusive and diverse. 

This is why our inclusion in the *2019 Investment News “Best Places To Work For Financial Advisors” was such a great honor and affirmation of our efforts.  We couldn’t be more thrilled for this recognition and all that our team has done to earn it, but we can’t stop there. We plan to keep building Viewpoint and instilling our culture as deep as we can so our work will last for generations.

I am honored to have been a part of all that’s been accomplished and I’m excited to see what the future holds for our clients and our team!

- Ben Wong

*Firms were evaluated based on employer and employee surveys, covering company culture, benefits, career path, and more