My roots in financial planning started at an early age. I grew up with the need to be frugal and earn money for myself as a teenager. I have fond memories of making periodic deposits to a bank savings account and seeing interest post monthly on the small booklet banks used to provide. I was so enthralled with the concept of my money working for me that I continued to save regularly. I enjoyed every dime of interest posted to my bank account because it was money given to me for essentially no physical effort on my part. The natural progression from that became the world of investments, where I discovered that I could buy parts of companies that could earn money and increase in value at a greater rate than the interest paid by the banks.

An accounting course in high school taught me that understanding debits and credits and balance sheets and income statements came relatively easy for me. It wasn’t until early college courses in economics did I discover that all the good financial practices and habits I had learned as a teenager were part of a profession focused on financial planning.

Some aspects of financial planning are intricate and require detailed analysis. However, other aspects, as I learned at an early age, are simple and rely more on time, discipline, patience, and a bit of optimism. Although a good many financial practices can be simple, they are not always easy. I strive to help people focus on smart money decisions and provide guidance to reach the goals that are meaningful for them.

I enjoy time outside the office with my family, playing soccer, volunteering as a recreational soccer coach, staying active (preferably outdoors), and reading.

FINRA Series 7 and 63 securities registrations held through Commonwealth Financial Network

BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance (Magna Cum Laude), Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Certificate Program, Personal Financial Planning, UC Davis Extension



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