At Viewpoint we believe that markets are efficient, and are made even more so by today’s technology, which brings an incredible volume of information to the investing world at mind-numbing speed. 

We hold the view that trying to "time" markets—jumping in and out of investments hoping to avoid losses and take advantage of gains—is a futile endeavor, as no one can get ahead of information to know when and why markets will rise or fall. The real keys to driving investment success over time are efficient, diversified, and intelligently crafted investment models that fit your temperament and goals.

Our in-house experts allocate and manage your investments collaboratively. As we develop your portfolio, we may ask such questions as:

  • What is your goal for this portfolio?
  • What is the legacy you wish to leave to your heirs and the world? 
  • With what level of risk are you comfortable?
  • Are there any special legal circumstances that you face?
  • Do you have any religious or ideological beliefs that would prohibit you from making any particular types of investments (example: nuclear weapon or gun companies)
  • Will you contribute to your plan over time or make one up-front investment?
  • Will you withdraw from the portfolio or take income payments?
  • What level of ongoing monitoring and communication are you comfortable with? 


Investment Management

Investment management is part of our overall wealth management process and is ongoing. As your needs evolve, we can make adjustments to the management of your assets. Over time, we will keep your objectives on track with portfolio strategies that change to meet you where you are.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Investment risk can have a dramatic impact on your wealth. Properly done, it can minimize financial and other potential losses that can profoundly affect your assets, health, or business. Risk management is not an add-on but rather an ongoing part of our process.