Life Changes

Uncomplicated Planning for a Complicated Situation


When partners make the difficult choice to get a divorce, there’s a lot going through their minds. Not only is there the sense of starting over, but all that have been built has to be unwound and divided as fairly as possible in what can be a very emotional process. While most people will focus on the counsel of an attorney, the expertise of a trained and experienced financial advisor that can help bring clarity to many of the challenging scenarios that will come with a divorce. Your financial advisor can help examine questions like:

  • How will the property be divided, and what are the long and short term effects?
  • How will retirement plans and savings be impacted, and how can you move forward with what is left?
  • Can you afford to stay in the family house, and if not, what are your options?
  • What tax challenges will there be, and how can they be navigated?
  • What will your insurance need be?

At Viewpoint Financial we understand that when a someone is going through a divorce, they need an ally that understands the process and how it can best be navigated. That’s why all our advisors at Viewpoint are trained for and have experience with divorcing couples. We also have a specific advisor, Ronald Sanchez that has gone through the rigorous and ongoing training to become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® practitioner. Our desire is to be with our clients for each step in the process and help them come through it financially and emotionally whole. Don’t go through divorce alone, let us walk side by side with you and provide the expertise you need for this journey.

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Learn more about Viewpoint's Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, click a link to Ronald D. Sanchez at Divorce Planning VP