At Viewpoint Financial Network, we believe that markets are efficient, and are made even more so by today’s technology, which brings an incredible volume of information to the investing world at mind-numbing speed. We also hold the view that trying to "time" markets—jumping in and out of investments hoping to avoid losses and take advantage of gains—is a futile endeavor, as no one can get ahead of information to know when and why markets will rise or fall. The real keys to driving investment success over time are efficient, diversified, and intelligently crafted investment models that fit your temperament and goals. 



Your financial journey needs experienced investment management to confront the market’s challenges and changes. Our in-house experts allocate and manage your investments collaboratively, based on our discussions with you, and approach investing strategy as an ongoing process designed to support your financial plan.  

As we develop your portfolio, we may ask such questions as:

  • What is your goal for this portfolio?
  • With what level of risk are you comfortable?
  • Where would you like to invest (e.g., stocks, bonds, CDs)?
  • Will you contribute to your plan over time or make one up-front investment?
  • Will you withdraw from the portfolio or take income payments?
  • What level of ongoing monitoring is needed, given your goals? 

With financial planning as the foundation and investment management providing the building blocks, we can work together to help you pursue your short- and long-term goals.